The OtherWorlds Project

OtherWorlds are environments that are experienced without using the physical body’s senses. They differ from common dreams by the fact that many people experience them in closely similar ways, and from daydreams by being more vivid and holding what we call “surprises”, details or events which the person experiencing them neither expected nor consciously added.

You may enter OtherWorlds through lucid dream states, hypnosis, spontaneous or self-induced trance, guided meditations like those in the Seasons of Ceremony rituals, or otherwise. They can serve as learning environments for the healthy and curious or as a temporary refuge from stress, pain, or sickness. Beings we meet there are usually willing to aid and teach us – though not always in ways we might expect!

Some perils exist, but in general, they can be avoided by courtesy and common sense, always following the Wiccan Rede: “an it harm none, do as ye will.” Those treating OtherWorlds and their inhabitants, human or otherwise, with respect will come to no harm. In an emergency, the traveler can return from an OtherWorlds simply by opening his or her eyes and making some vigorous physical movement.

Seasons of Ceremony is compiling a database of our own and others’ experiences in some of the closer, more readily accessible OtherWorlds, using methods such as the guided meditations in these rituals.

We’d appreciate any feedback you’d like to share from these meditations. We’re especially interested in any “surprises” which you found, or other features of your journey you found notable or deeply moving. Seasons of Ceremony will keep your reply anonymous, identified only by the “Publish Name” you provide, the date it was sent and the OtherWorlds it concerns.

If the response to this project justifies it, we may also open a discussion forum for the free exchange of OtherWorlds information.