As a solitary practitioner, you will need to have your own essential items. I've personally curated these items for use in the Seasons of Ceremony rituals. I love shopping on Etsy! The selection is nearly endless and the quality is spectacular! 


This 5″ cauldron is a perfect size. I love that it has a lid that will extinguish burning embers.

Prayer Robe

This robe is almost exactly like the robe directions in the ritual books.

Quarter Candles

You're right, these aren't candles. They're a beautiful representation of the elements. Use with any color votives.


I love the ‘tree' base of this set of chalices. They sing to my soul.

Salt Dish

These are such sweet little dishes, a perfect size to hold a little salt.


This shop has every scent needed for all the rituals I write about.