Yule Rebirth Ritual

Celebrate on the Winter Solstice


Yule brings us deep into winter’s cold. The nights are now at their longest and the sun low in the sky even at noon, weak and seeming near death. And yet, there is hope. For at least we know the days will now grow no briefer, the nights no longer. Day by day, starting now, the sun will slowly regain the strength it has lost; as if it had died indeed, then been reborn into a new cycle of life. And in time, the world will warm again.

We celebrate the Sun, or Son, born again from the Mother; just as do many others at this same season, with reds and greens, holly and mistletoe, bright candles and flaming Yule logs, hot spiced drinks and cookies and candy, evergreen wreaths and shining ornaments round as the Sun itself, and icons of Mother and Child and Santa Claus with his airborne sleigh full of presents. Most have forgotten now that all of these were around in some form long before the days of Herod the King. But we have not…

The Seasons of Ceremony rituals are designed for the solitary practitioner, assuming little or no previous magickal experience or training.

These rituals and spells are original rites. While crafting them along traditional lines and according to age-proven principles, symbols, and wording which other specific traditions may consider their own have been deliberately avoided. In using Seasons of Ceremony rituals, you will inherit none of the magickal “baggage,” for good or ill, which might come with a spell copied from some other source.

More advanced practitioners, and especially those already trained in a specific system of magick, may prefer to substitute their own symbols for the ones provided. Users may also wish to incorporate these spells into more elaborate rituals such as traditional Sabbat observations.


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