Samhain Gateway Ritual

Celebrate on Halloween - October 31


Samhain (pronounced not “Sam Hayne” as you might expect, but “Saween” or “Sawane”) brings us well into the cold times of the year, the harvest finished now (except in the warmest climates), trees empty of leaves, and fields shorn and barren under a weakened sun.

And still the days continue to shorten, while the nights grow longer and chillier. Sometimes it seems that warmth will never come again. Death feels near, not merely our own but the death of all things living, of all of nature. The veils between this world and the next grow thin; sometimes we sense the dead close by walking among us in spirit.

Yet we know that the wheels of existence continue to turn, the lesser wheel whose spokes are the seasons and the Sabbats, and behind it that greater wheel which carries us all, in time, through life and death and back to new life again.

The Seasons of Ceremony rituals are designed for the solitary practitioner, assuming little or no previous magickal experience or training.

These rituals and spells are original rites. While crafting them along traditional lines and according to age-proven principles, symbols, and wording which other specific traditions may consider their own have been deliberately avoided. In using Seasons of Ceremony rituals, you will inherit none of the magickal “baggage,” for good or ill, which might come with a spell copied from some other source.

More advanced practitioners, and especially those already trained in a specific system of magick, may prefer to substitute their own symbols for the ones provided. Users may also wish to incorporate these spells into more elaborate rituals such as traditional Sabbat observations.


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