Ostara Seed Ritual

Celebrate on the Spring Equinox


Ostara (or Eostre, or the Vernal or Spring Equinox) is the time of Spring planting in most temperate climates.

In times long ago, when we all lived closer to the Earth’s creative energies, the act of planting the seeds of next autumn’s crops carried much deeper meaning than it does in our modern, “grocery store” culture. Next autumn’s crops meant nothing less than LIFE through the coming winter until the following spring brought planting time around once more. Seeds thus partook of the Earth’s own deep wisdom and life force…and for those of us who still seek attunement to the ancient energies, they still do.

The Seasons of Ceremony rituals are designed for the solitary practitioner, assuming little or no previous magickal experience or training.

These rituals and spells are original rites. While crafting them along traditional lines and according to age-proven principles, symbols, and wording which other specific traditions may consider their own have been deliberately avoided. In using Seasons of Ceremony rituals, you will inherit none of the magickal “baggage,” for good or ill, which might come with a spell copied from some other source.

More advanced practitioners, and especially those already trained in a specific system of magick, may prefer to substitute their own symbols for the ones provided. Users may also wish to incorporate these spells into more elaborate rituals such as traditional Sabbat observations.


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